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As there is no Australian Standard, there is no consistent garment sizes/measurements between the labels you wear.

So, the easiest and quickest way we have found to size up your garments is to get your best fitting Polo, Tee or Singlet, lay it on a flat surface, measure down 2.5cm from the armhole then and measure across.

This gives you a half chest measurement and for example if your measurement is 58cm then you will take our Mens Size Large.


"Private Label" offers you 11 performance knit fabrics all between 145 and 150gm.
We also carry heavier sport specific fabrics.
Our lightweight performance fabrics remove moisture from the garment by 'wicking' away the moisture using a capillary action from movement of air across the body.
Here are the most commonly used fabrics for our Polos, Tees, Singlets, Shorts etc. and we also have playing grade quality fabrics for our Netball, Soccer, Rugby, League and AFL programs for On Field/Court.

With performance fabrics, there's no loss of shape, no loss of colour and they don't lose their durability or other aesthetic attributes.

Please >>Click on this link<< to view close ups and fabric information.
















The anti-bacterial | anti-fungal | anti-microbial treatment of our yarn is derived from nano-silver particles which are adhered to the yarn before it is knitted.
The moisture wicking yarn is made of synthetic fibre, which is pre-treated with the nano-silver solution and then knitted into the various fabric styles - eyelet mesh, poly pro etc. 
The cloth made from the anti-microbial yarn, inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi and will remain odour free wash after wash to stop bacterial cell growth when silver ions are absorbed into bacterial cells


However, many sublimated garment fabrics are 'dipped' with an anti-microbial treatment which is applied once the fabric has already been knitted. But this 'dipping' treatment does have a downside with a limited life expectancy whereas our yarn treatment lasts as long as the garment-no short cuts or cost cutting!
Modern antibacterial yarn treated performance fabrics don’t shrink and do not retain body odours because when washed, these are flushed out through the intricate channels of the yarn.

All performance fabric garments hold their colour and shape and maintain a comfortable fit, wear by wear, wash by wash which is an important attribute for our activewear apparel. These garments are easily maintained, machine washable and dry super quickly and will stand up to multiple washings without losing this antibacterial treatment.

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