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You’ve seen and heard about sublimation and most likely you have at least one item in your everyday life wear as well as using or seeing these garments while playing or watching sport?
There is a reason- there are very few limitations because it’s a creative process so why not let our artists create something totally unique, specifically for you?

Sublimation has become a real game changer that allows vibrant whole garment prints with designs that go seam-to-seam with unlimited colours, 'life like' printed photos and multi colour logos.

So how does sublimation actually work? 
All sublimated garments start life as White Fabric.
With the fabric placed under heat and pressure, the ‘pores’ in the polymers open, the ink turns to gas and enters the ‘pores’ changing the  polymer from white to your colours.
Note :
Sublimation printing is most successful on 100% polyester.
            Sublimation printing cannot be done on 100% Cotton because it's a natural fibre.

The anti-bacterial | anti-fungal | anti-microbial treatment of our yarn is derived from nano-silver particles which are adhered to the yarn before it is knitted.
The moisture wicking yarn is made of synthetic fibre, which is pre-treated with the nano-silver solution and then knitted into the various fabric styles - poly pro ,eyelet mesh, mini-pique, horizontal etc. 
The cloth made from the anti-microbial yarn, inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi and will remain odour free wash after wash to stop bacterial cell growth when silver ions are absorbed into bacterial cells.


>>Click here<< to view the Fabric Specification Sheets.
Please Note : The 4 Global Recycled Standard Fabrics are only slightly more expensive .

Our Factory is well credentialed with ISO:9001:2015, Sedex and Intertek Accreditation.
"Private Label" is sold  through Distributors in Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands.

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